Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I'm alive!!!

I am happy to announce that I am alive, and so were all people involved. (Myself and Ananias)

Today, on our way back from the airport from taking Ananias' wife to catch a plane a huge big metal jobby (which my friend Jaco tells me is used to hold containers on top of trucks) flew off a truck, bounced off its tyre and through my windscreen.

All I have is a very bruised arm and a broken car to show for it, but it was close! And I can count a few things that could have been different...

  • If I wasn't changing gears when it hit me it would have hit my arm holding the steering wheel and I would have probably veered into the truck.
  • If I wasn't wearing my sunglasses my eyes would have been peppered with glass like the rest of my face.
  • If it had hit the car a few inches lower it wouldn't have been deflected by the body work, it would have flown directly into my upper body.

I am a little freaked out! And I have a new 6kg paperweight to help me appreciate what it means to be alive...

I don't mean to be melodramatic - but that was a bit too dramatic for my liking.

I'm not sure if I believe in God sparing people - because if I did I would have to believe that God intentionally doesn't spare some and that doesn't make sense to me. But... It does remind me that God wants me to enjoy every moment I have with everyone I have around me; to be who I am called to be without apology to anyone... and a whole bunch of other important things.

I am happy to say that my life is full, I am in many ways a gruntled human being. Life is a gift, lets treat it as such. Thank you to my friends for smses and calls!


digitaldion said...

Hey Gus!

I'm so please you're OK! Man that is incredible! I hope you have good insurenace for that lovely Pugeout?

Perhaps it is time that she makes way for something more robust... like say a Landie!

Praise God that you're fine!

Rock in the Grass said...

My dear brother:
I am so pleased that you are still with us in this life (instead of me wondering in what form of life you be returning to us). But you are definitely not gruntled! Please go to www.esmerel.com/circle/wordlore and read the entry under 'gruntled' at the bottom of the page. No - you are far from gruntled!
Word verification:vxdpf - which is the word you used to welcome the arrival of the inanimate flying object.