Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Counting the Cost of Crime

During my hospital visit today I met a man who had been robbed. Thugs beat him up badly, took his wallet and his cell phone. His name is Israel. The people who stole his stuff got away with a few hundred rands worth of goods, but this crime will cost him a lot more.

Israel told me that he has no way of contacting his boss and by now his boss will have found someone else to do his job. Israel has a family in Kunwana - a location in the middle of nowhere really, he's probably their only source of income.

Its amazing how when we count the cost of crime in SA its so often to do with banks and security companies - even the hospital bill that the state will bear because Israel is confined to a hospital bed.

But the cost is human. Israel and his family will probably survive - it seems that people have learnt to get by in this country, sometimes miraculously. But there is no way of telling how much the crime cost him.

Please pray for Israel and his family.

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