Saturday, June 10, 2006

New book blog

I know of more books to buy than I have money to spend. But that does not stop me from coveting them.

So, in order to guide my coveteousness I thought I would set up a blog for books - maybe just asking for comments, or reccomendations on books to read. I will tell my friends who read books (the kind of books I enjoy) an e-mail address to which they can e-mail their posts.

I will update / moderate/ beautify the posts, and people can also comment on them. There will also be a handy link to where you can order them online. (and you can follow the link at the top of my blog to get to the book blog.


Rock in the Grass said...

Gus: είστε πλήρεις της έκκρισης

Gus said...

I have an interpretation: you are complete the excretion

Altavista is just not the best translator on the planet. I think he's trying to say that I am a complete shit.

Thats not very nice my guy.

είστε μια τρύπα έκκρισης

digitaldion said...

You're my favorite shit! I hate having to type that word. But to make you feel better... Anything!

Love ya Gus!


PS. I have sent a few suggestions for your great book page. Maybe one or two of them will crack the nod eh?

digitaldion said...

Sorry to post twice in a row... But I meant to mention... Pete, you are my favorite shit-hole (as Gus so elegantly stated in his fine Greek). Look we have to admit - the man has Greek skills!

You just can't put a price on a good education!


Murray & Gina UK said...

... I don't get it...

digitaldion said...

Murray, no need to get it, you were born with one...

However, the comment I make above is related to the Greek phrases employed by our two learned friends... Come to John Wesley College, study, learn to swear in Greek!

Gus said...

I don't get it either, but I just smile and nod - throw a phrase or two of greek here and there... that sort of thing.

At the end of it all they give you a degree.

Murray & Gina UK said...

sounds like a plan!

...but can I earn Pounds while I'm there?