Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Birthday tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my birthday - 18 June. I was born in 1976, two days after the 'Soweto Uprising.' For better reflections on that see Wessel's and especially Rock in the Grass' blogs. I've always thought of the day / time / era in which I was born as significant.

I like the title of Paul Simon's song, born at the right time. I believe that I was born at the right time to be me. The individual that I am - apparently my name, Angus, has something to do with being unique.

I am grateful that I was born when I was born. I thank those people who 'rose up' to make this land the land that it is today. I hope and pray that I will be able to rise up as courageously as they have to continue to make this world better for all people (in my own small way).

Whenever it is, I believe we were all born (somehow) at the right time.


digitaldion said...

Hey Gus,

I thank God that you were born! You are such a gifted person, and such a gift to us!

May you be truly blessed on your birthday, and may the year ahead be filled with great joy, significance, and the station your heart desires!

Love and blessings,


Murray & Gina UK said...


the world would be very boring without you around.

God bless ya
I hope the wife baked you a cake!!


Wessel Bentley said...

Hey Gus

Happy Birthday!

Thanks for your comment. Hope you had a good one.

Rock in the Grass said...

Hello my brother
I know that you told us all about your birthday so that we could wish you. I think that this is a wonderful thing to do. Otherwise we would not know when to wish you. And we would probably never wish you. So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY.