Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm leaving on a jetplane...

It's holiday time!!! Heather and I are taking off for Cape Town this afternoon. Isn't air travel amazing, it usually takes us a couple of days to drive to Cape Town... tonight we get on the plane and land in Cape Town 2hours later. You have to have driven that distance to see how amazing that is. Wow!

Looking forward to seeing the Cape Tonians we have the time to see, especially our new nephew Luke!

Looking forward to Vida E Coffee, Olympia Cafe Pastries, Table Mountain, Somerset West, Franschoek chocolates.... the list is endless.

On top of it, I've got about 3 weeks break from 'scheduled' study. No early mornings. Yay.


Murray & Gina UK said...

Thats not fair... even if I fly to Cape Town it'll take 12 hours, and enough cash to buy a Taylor Guitar!

Here's a chuckle for you as you pack your bag to go on your jet plane.

Have fun! Go hug the mountain for me.

PS now I've got that song in my head...grrrr

Rock in the Grass said...

Hello my brother
Welcome to civilization! As you fly in you will know that you are home.
If you do not contact me while you are here I will cry.