Sunday, May 21, 2006

There are two kinds of members of the church

I received this e-mail from a friend... who will remain anonymous.

Charles Hodge wrote: "There are two birds in the California desert ... the
humming bird and the vulture.
The humming bird looks for the sweet blossoms in the cactus flower;
The vulture looks for rotten meat.
Both find what they are looking for.
There are two kinds of members of the church.


Rock in the Grass said...

so do we ignore the rotten meat in pursuit of the sweet? I think that most white Christian people spent much of Apartheid South Africa ignoring the rotten meat as they urged Christians to look for the positive. As do many Christians in the new South Africa: seek the showers of blessing and pretend that we have nothing to say to the nation!

Kentish Exile said...

But if there isn't anything worth rotting, then it will still be found.
I do agree, RitG, but sometimes dealing with the rotting meat is part of that sweet cactus flower stuff... the problem is with those (lets say church members) who stand around the rot, trying to find someone to moan to, because it's ruinging their spirituality...

sheesh talk about overusing a metaphor

Gus said...

what if it was say... a nicely matured piece of steak. A good amount of rot on that and I would say. "Yum... give it to me with chips!"

Maybe its not so bad beeing the Vulture... In a positive world - the vulture is the one that thrives on eating the rotting meat - its poop provides fertilizer for the cactus!

Hey presto! We're an inclusive congregation!