Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'm famous - I can retire now

Wow - my picture is on the front page of The Dimension, and its not even for something bad... pitty there's no sexy pic of me in my lingerie on the back page.


Anyways, now that I have been on the front page of the dimension - for no other reason than the fact that I sat in the front row I can move churches and see if I can get to the front page of their paper!


(Don't tell anyone, but I am posting this from my palm... I am supposed to be paying attention - I look like I am taking notes.)


digitaldion said...

Yes, not only on the front page, but also on page 6. In that second picture you have the distinct honour of being counted as one of the three 'wise men'. Learned yes, wise.... Well maybe the middle one (Bonginkosi spread) that is sandwiched between two 'thick' slices of white bread! Ha ha... Now pay attention in class or else I'll fail you!

Love and hugs,


Rock in the Grass said...

getting into the pages of a church newspaper! And such an illustrious news-sheet too! Isn't this the newspaper that published all those anti-gay letters? And those letters teaching us how to read the Bible? Hold your head up high - you are in good company.

Gus said...

its almost the same as being in the Bible actually - I think I am canonised.

Murray & Gina UK said...

Yes, the honour of being immortalised in that great periodical. I remember the pride *cough, cough, splutter* of being articled on the back page... if only I could have made it onto the front.
Well done gussums, if only I could see it... English Anglican churches don't seem to get copies of The Dimension for some reason... I wonder why?

Rock in the Grass said...

Hi Gus: thanks for recognising my true genius: 01010000011100100110000101101001011100110110010100100000011101000110100001100101001000000100110001101111011100100110010000100001001000000100001001101100011001010111001101110011011010010110111001100111011100110010000001110100011011110010000001111001011011110111010100101110

digitaldion said...

Check it out!

You're even MORE famous now!!! I'm sure that you will blog this in a much better manner than I have been able to!