Saturday, February 25, 2006

Memorial Service

We held a memorial service for my gran and grandpa this morning. The service, held at Christ Church in Kenilworth, Cape Town, was really beautiful - the toughest part, for my brother and I was reading a tribute / history of my granparents which my mother put together. We are sentimental souls. I don't know where we get it from... But I am very proud of my grandparents, and am always amazed at all they have been through. Here is the tribute that my mother wrote: Athol and Erica


Anonymous said...

awesome tribute Gus
I finally got a clear idea of all your family ties... hehe

Hope you are having a blessed if sad weekend back at home.

Gruntle as ever

Gus said...

Thanks my guy,

It was a sad weekend but we all had a good cry - more than I expected and we feel a lot better.

I think grannie would have whipped us for beeing so sentimental, and I was careful not to make too much of a guts of myself on the cakes after the service.

AND - HEATHER GOT ON THE PLANE!!! She was hardly even scared!