Saturday, March 25, 2006

After a threatening email...

The time has come! You can no longer put it off....

Update your blog or the Ninja's will come for you!

I look forward to killing.... sorry reading your blog... soon!

Ninja Dion

I guess I better write something on my blog... Heather and I have been working hard - Heather has been working harder though. As I mentioned I'm enrolled at the University of Pretoria for an Honours in Theology, specialising in New Testament Studies.

I've been thinking about the line I would like to go down as far as assignments etc. go - and this is the plan... not the whole plan, just an idea of the plan.

A comparison of the development of the Christology in the gospel of John and St. Paul's letter to the Romans taking into account the historical, philosophical, social and theological backgrounds of both works.

Something like that for the propeller heads among us who can give me some ideas? Some suggestions? Some creative insight? The goal of the paper is to lead to a Masters which will look deeper at New Testament Christology and the development of an African Christology... hmmmmmmm Ideas.

This is why I haven't blogged anything... studying will make a bored man out of you. Except for one thing, we went to the Zoo for Zulu class the other day and I saw the emperor penguins you see at the top... I think they may have sent the threatening e-mail.


digitaldion said...

One of my lesser known talents.... the ability to scare lazy bloggers into posting to their blogs (oh, and the propensity to post comments in Japanese...)

AND of course Greek...

Η καταστροφή έχει αποφευχθεί. Η ζωή σας θα διαθεθεί. Ενεργήσατε ακριβώς εγκαίρως.

Go figure....

In response to your blog post... Yes, no, no and that will be good!



Anonymous said...

One by one the penguins are stealing my insanity...

And now they're sending threatening emails...

Stupid penguins... they can't even get their parental roles right. Flippen penguin-sudbands are whipped!

Nice pic, too bad they're IN A CAGE!! FREE THE PENGUINS