Tuesday, October 03, 2006

National Teacher's Sunday

As some of you may know, I am married to a teacher. Being married to a teacher has taught me new respect for these admirable and very important people - then again I am a bit biased.

I want to try and encourage as many churches as possible - throughout the country to have a special event in their services on the first Sunday of the first term next year. At this service I want churches to pray specifically for teachers; dedicating them, and praying for them in the important and difficult task which they do.

In South Africa especially teachers are struggling as their job becomes more and more difficult. Classes are overcrowded, many children speak different languages at home to the language they speak in school. Aids is having a significant impact as more and more children are becoming the senior figure in their homes. Parents are busier and busier having less time to help children with their school work.

Teachers often fill many roles for children - they act as parent, counsellor, social worker, minister, special needs educator... and so much more.

I feel that as churches, as Christians we need to support teachers more and more so I am setting up a campaign to promote a national teacher's sunday on the first Sunday of the first term of the year...

Please sign up for the campaign mailing list by visitin http://groups.google.co.za/group/teachers-sunday

Or send me an e-mail at gruntleblog@yahoo.co.uk

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