Saturday, February 25, 2006

Memorial Service

We held a memorial service for my gran and grandpa this morning. The service, held at Christ Church in Kenilworth, Cape Town, was really beautiful - the toughest part, for my brother and I was reading a tribute / history of my granparents which my mother put together. We are sentimental souls. I don't know where we get it from... But I am very proud of my grandparents, and am always amazed at all they have been through. Here is the tribute that my mother wrote: Athol and Erica

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Erica Hall 30 September 1919 to 19 February 2006

(87 years old)

My grandmother, Erica, passed away this morning at about 5 to 7, South African time. She died in her sleep. We're going to miss her! But I am proud to have known her, to have been taught 'manners' by her, (and she's probably correcting my grammar right now as I write) and to have been her grand child. Oh and thanks gran for making me eat all my vegetables before I could have Ice-Cream, I am still big, strong and overweight! And I'll get my hair cut soon I promise.

Photo: I like this picture of my gran because she's holding one of my nephews. She lived to see 4 great-grand children! Wow!

Thursday, February 16, 2006


“…a controversy over the Scriptures can, clearly, produce no other effect than help to upset either the stomach or the brain.”


I like it, studying at John Wesley College now, lots of work to do, busy reading and getting easily distracted by erroneous passages and things, came accross this one this morning. Tertullian is a funny guy.