Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Magic Time

Been home since Sunday 9th July...

Couldn't really find the words to say what it was like to be back in Cape Town, with familiar family and friends - especially new family (baby Luke on the left - he's smiling 'cos he thinks I'm a boob). With time at my disposal to sit - to do the things Heather and I like to do - like eat, sleep, read funny books like spud arb around - goof off and drink Vida E Coffee!

I was reminded that its important to stop for a while and remember who you are - not what you do. I study and do the things that I do a lot, to the detriment of who I am. I guess thats why wisdom tells us a day off is a good thing. So I am dedicated to taking my leisure time more seriously - and also my work time - in their place of course.

The good news is that the rumours of being nearer to family in the new year are getting louder! So hold thumbs for us.

* * *
For my Birthday my brother gave me a CD voucher - which I spent tonight on Magic Time, a new (2005) CD from Van Morrison - definitely a bit of old school Van Morrison shining through - thats what rhythm and blues was! (Before my time.)

* * *
The view from my sister's stoep (best place for a cup of coffee in Cape Town)
Cuzin Patrick! Seems like a few days ago we were fishing and you ate all the bread. Now we's old and all grown up, aint that sad. Congratulations on yours and Jacqui's engagement - much happiness to you both!
Michelle and Andre - it was good to see you - Michelle stay strong, thinking of you and sending lots of love (you're a wonder!)
Had more pictures to post, but blogger is being difficult - will post some more in time!

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Murray & Gina UK said...

Now I'm really depressed... I've come over all nostalgic... after a week of fighting with foreign Embassies, I'm almost ready to just chuck it all and come home!!

Glad you had a good one Gus.