Saturday, August 20, 2005

Whats happening?


Lots of pictures and not much news recently, just came back from Kwa-Mashu in Natal where we, the 'Phase-One*' ministers had our 'plunge**.' We travelled there by train from Johannesburg... train was smelly (people tend to smoke in the compartments) and hot, the heater was stuck on and the guys I was sharing my cabin with insisted on closing all windows and doors and trying to cook us. Got off the train medium rare and feelling oh so woozy.

Kwa-Mashu is well known for all the political violence surrounding elections, strong allegiances to ANC and IFP in the township often get violent... The township is very beautiful. We went on visits to various houses in Kwa-Mashu to pray for the sick and shut in, very saddening at times. At one house, when we asked what was wrong with the sick person, the response was 'the usual.' (Meaning AIDS)

On the train back I upgraded my ticket to first class, was able to turn the heater off and open the window but still arrived home feeling woozy.

Anyways... I have sermons to write and a holiday to look forward to in September when we will be heading to the Kruger Park! Yay, I can't wait.

* First year minister in training at the Methodist Church
** A thingy where a bunch of us go somewhere to learn something by experience

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